Lunch & Dinner Menu


Soup of the Day

With bread & olives.

Mixed Sicilian Olives (V)

Feta, artichoke, rustic tomatoes,
pickled chillies, garlic and bread.

Padrón Peppers (V)

Toasted bread, balsamic vinegar &
olive oil.

Falafel (V, N)

With hummus, pesto, tahini sauce,
flat kopez bread & salad.

Mucver (V)

Courgette fritters with feta, eggs,
parmesan, spring onions, shallots,
flour garlic & dill with knob of
tzatziki, chilli jam.

Burrata & Tomatoes (V)

Extra virgin olive oil, basil aged
balsamico IGP, Maldon sea salt.

Bruschetta (V)

Tomatoes. Olives, parsley & basil on
garlic bread with shaved parmesan.

Roasted figs, goat cheese & walnuts (V, N)

With rosemary honey & balsamic

Char-Grilled Halloumi (V)
£7.5 | £14

Salad, cherry tomatoes, olives & tahini.

Muska Boregi (V)
£6.9 | £11

Filo parcels with spinach & creamy

Portobello mushrooms & Stilton

Baked with thyme and garlic.

Baked Normandy Camembert (V)

With rosemary springs, seasoning,
Tiptree jam, crusty bread.

King Prawns

Sautéed in butter with peppers, shallots, mini tomatoes, chillies, garlic, spring, white wine, lemon juice, seasoning & parsley; toasted bread.

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Crispy salad, with homemade tartar

Salmon Fish Cakes

With salad & homemade tartar sauce.

Chorizo with Wine

Cooked with glazed red onions, garlic, bay leaves and sourdough bread.

Lamb Koftas

Homemade chilli sauce, tomato, red
onion, parsley & sumac relish & bread.


Acoustic Mix Grill
£23.5 | for two 42

Lamb chops, lamb kofta, chicken fillet, lamb fillet, with chilli sauce, grilled capia peppers, rice and salad.

Slow Roasted Lamb Keshkek

With sumac red onions, tomatoes
parsley & pomegranate molasses
salad, tahini sauce & kopez bread.

Lamb Fillet & Vegetable Skewers

Char-grilled lamb fillet and
Mediterranean vegetables on skewers with rice, tzatziki, chilli sauce & salad.

Lamb Koftas

Rice, house salad relish, homemade
chilli sauce, tzatziki.

Chicken Milanese & Spaghetti

With stem broccoli.

Scottish Prime Ribeye Steak

10oz, Hand-cut spicy chips & vegetables

Pan-Fried Duck Breast

In plumb sauce with stem broccoli &
whole-grain creamy mash.

Lamb Chops

Cut from the best end, char-grilled with rice and salad or Desiree potato mash, extra fine French beans red wine and thyme gravy.

Pan Fried Breast of Chicken

Mushrooms, shallots, tarragon white
wine & cream sauce with truffle
parmesan chips.

Char-grilled Chicken & Veg Skewers with Chorizo (N)

With rice, salad and basil pesto.


All served with hand-cut spicy chips or with sweet potato fries £1

Acoustic Special Hamburger

8oz British beef built up to perfection
with smoked bacon, crushed
avocado. American cheese, pickled
gherkin, glazed onions, house relish,
harissa mayo and salad.

Classic Cheese Burger

British beef 8 Oz, pickled gherkin,
glazed onions, mild mustard mayo &
house relish salad.

Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Gem lettuce, red onions, tomato,
harissa mayo and avocado smash.


Char-grilled marinated
Mediterranean vegetables with Baba
Ganoush & basil pesto.

Falafel Burger

Gem lettuce, red onions, beetroot,
chilli sauce and hummus.

Burger Add Ons

Portobello Mushrooms
Mature Cheddar
Blue Cheese
American Cheese (2)
Crushed Avocado
Smoked Bacon


Cheese platter (N)

Gruyère, Camembert, Manchego,
Blue Cheese, Celery, walnuts,
grapes, crackers with English red
onion & chutney.

Deep Fried Courgette Flowers

Stuffed with goats cheese, dressed
with honey & aged balsamico IGP.

MAIN £15

Antipasto Platter

Mixture of cured meats, olives,
garlic, burrata, grana padano
shavings, rustic tomatoes,
artichoke, olives, pickled chillies
and crusty bread.

Octopus Salad in Acoustic Way
£9 | £16.5

Mixed leaves, lemon, sundried
tomatoes, red onions, red capsicum,
gherkins, coriander, white wine
vinegar & seasoning.


Served with bread
£6.5 Each


Healthy Mezze Platter
for one £13.5 | for two 25

Selection of cold and hot mezzes


Mediterranean Medley

Char-grilled vegetables, rustic
tomatoes with goat cheese, home-made pomodorina sauce and bread.


White courgette fritters with feta
parmesan, eggs, shallots, spring onions, flour, garlic, dill with knob of tzatziki, sweet tomato & chilli chutney.


With hummus, pesto and tahini sauce, flatbread & salad.

Savoury Keshkek

Originally slow cooked coarsely ground wheat & chickpeas with avocado, tomato, red onion & cucumber relish salad.

Parmigiana di Melanzane (N)

Baked aubergines with fresh tomato & basil sauce, parmesan, mozzarella and bread crumbs with bread.


In tomato sauce served with rice & salad.

Halloumi & Vegetable Skewers

With quinoa tabbouleh and broad beans salad.

Fresh Porcini Asparagus & Thyme Risotto

Dry sherry shallots & thyme, rocket and parmesan salad.

Sun Dried Eggplant & Pepper Dolma (N, VG)

Another scrumptious eastern
Mediterranean regional dish, stuffed
with rice, pine kernel, blackcurrant
herbs & spices with tzatziki.


Salmon Fish Cakes

With vegetables & tartar sauce.

King Prawns

Sautéed in butter with peppers, shallots, mini tomatoes, chillies, garlic, spring, white wine, lemon juice, seasoning & parsley. With rice.

Sea Bass Fillets (800-900gr)

With portobello mushroom & asparagus risotto, baby gem arugula, piccolo cherry tomatoes & red onions.

Salt & Pepper Calamari

With crispy salad and homemade tartar sauce

Salmon Fillet

With fresh vegetables, baby desiree
potatoes & lime-herb-butter.

Fresh Tuna Steak

With lemon pepper butter and seasoning, stem broccoli and baby desiree potatoes.


Char-grilled Artichoke Salad

Artichokes, char-grilled peppers &
courgettes, rustic tomatoes, burrata,
arugula, olives & pesto.

Roasted Beetroot & Butternut Squash

With goats cheese, walnuts, dukkah
& tahini dressing.

Warm Chicken

Char-grilled chicken. Premium
avocado, goats cheese, croutons,
crispy bacon, with caesar dressing.

Warm Halloumi

With roasted root vegetables, crispy
smoked bacon, roasted pine kernels,
arugula & pomegranate molasses.

Tuna Steak Nicoise Salad

Cooked to your liking all salads
served with parsnip crisps.

Roasted Duck Breast Salad

Baby mixed salads, French beans,
baby desiree potatoes, toasted
walnuts, oranges, aged balsamic IGP.


Penne with Burrata

In fresh tomato & red pesto sauce
with flavoursome cherry tomatoes,
basil and parmesan.

Acoustic Rigatoni

With halloumi, piccolo cherry tomatoes, extra fine French beans, pine kernels, pesto, rocket and parmesan.

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli

In fresh tomato & cream sauce,
parmesan shavings.

Fresh Porcini Fettucini

With cream, garlic, parmesan & thyme.

Smoked Salmon & Lemon Pasta

Crème fraiche, capers, shallots,
garlic, lemon and white wine.

SeaFood Pasta

Mixed sea food, chillies, herbs and
fresh tomato sauce.

Spaghetti with Meatballs

In fresh piquant tomato sauce, red
pesto cherry tomatoes & parmesan.


Mixed Fresh Vegetables
Spinach & Pine Kernels
Stem Broccoli & Garlic
Tomato and Onion Salad
Sweet Potato Fries
Greek Salad
Spicy Potato Chips
Baby Desiree Potatoes
Rocket & Parmesan
Parmesan Truffle Chips
Oven Roasted Sweet Root Vegetables (N)


Please speak with your server as our foods may contain 14 allergens: gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish, soya beans, milk, peanuts, celery & celeriac, nuts, mustard, sesame, sulphur dioxide, molluscs & lupin.

Nuts: N | Vegan: VG | Vegetarian: (most dishes can be prepared as VEGAN) | Gluten Free: GF